About the Building

For more than 40 years, Credit Human operated our headquarters out of a six-story building northwest of downtown San Antonio. We outgrew that space and built a new 12-story headquarters in the heart of San Antonio, at the intersection of Broadway Street and Pearl Parkway. This location presents an opportunity to invest in the urban core of our city and provide services to financially underserved neighborhoods.

The building feels like it is a part of the community, both in terms of design and what it brings to the neighborhood. The street level has a series of storefronts, courtyards, walkways and heavily treed and landscaped areas that are accessible and inviting. The design relates to the Pearl aesthetic and is reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century architecture at Ft. Sam Houston, incorporating local materials such as limestone, buff brick and tile. The development opens up to Broadway to support its continuing transformation into San Antonio’s primary cultural corridor.

Credit Human is a 100% member-owned, member-directed, and member-governed credit union.  We believe that being good stewards of our financial resources and good stewards of our environmental resources go hand-in-hand. Working together, Credit Human and our development partner Silver Ventures, assembled a team of experts to design and construct a building that will save water, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.


1703 Broadway

Now Open

  • 200,000 square feet
  • 12 floors
  • 4 levels of parking
  • Ground floor commercial space
  • Approximately 500 employees

Reduce Financial Stress

This building includes one of our Credit Human Financial Health Centers, a place for members to handle day-to-day financial needs and to meet with our staff for additional support. Financial stress is harmful to people, families, workplaces and communities.  We are focused on reducing financial stress by helping our members improve their financial health, which over time will also have a positive impact on our community.  For more information on Financial Health Centers, please visit our website.

Reduce Environmental Stress

We believe that reducing environmental stress is just as important.  We partnered with Silver Ventures to design and construct this building in the most sustainable way possible, using a portfolio approach of different sustainable building strategies that will reduce energy and water consumption, reduce carbon emissions and ultimately set a new standard for sustainable commercial building in San Antonio.

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