A New Approach to Sustainable Design in San Antonio

The building design integrates multiple solutions that will increase energy efficiency, reduce water demand and reduce carbon production.  Compared to buildings of a similar size, the Credit Human building:

  • Increases energy efficiency: The building uses 96% less energy from CPS Energy, the municipal utility company.
    • 56% reduced energy demand
    • 40% energy produced by solar
  • Reduces water demand: The building uses 97% less potable water from the municipal water company, San Antonio Water System.
  • Reduces carbon emissions: By 1,619 metric tons, which is equal to taking about 344 passenger vehicles off the road per year, every year.
  • Retains 80% of stormwater: onsite through low impact development.

The financial sustainability of this building investment is just as important. As a member-owned credit union, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the resources members entrust to us.

This investment in the urban core of San Antonio reflects our commitment to building a sustainable community, consistent with the goals set forth by our community in SA Tomorrow.

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