Our building uses 97% less potable water (water suitable for drinking) than a typical 200,000 square-foot building.  We do this by both capturing water and conserving the water we do use.

Capturing rainwater and HVAC condensate for non-potable uses, such as toilet flushing, landscape irrigation, and cooling tower supply, is an integral part of the Credit Human building’s plumbing design.  The rainwater/condensate harvesting system on the site can store up to 140,000 gallons of rainwater in above and below ground cisterns and day tanks – more than any other building in the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) service area.  Two of the water recapture tanks are salvaged tanks from the original Pearl Brewery.  With the help of City of San Antonio recycled water back-up, this system provides 100% of its non-potable water needs.  As demand for water increases along with its cost, rainwater/condensate harvesting presents an incredible opportunity to help the community conserve potable water.

Rainwater Reclamation of 1703 Broadway
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